Bed Capacity Utilization

Objective: To optimally utilize the available beds in the client’s organisation.


Our client is a UK based healthcare organisation. In last few years, number of patients arriving to the hospital has increased but the bed capacity of hospital hasn’t increased to that extent. As of now they have 750 beds, number will rise up to 1000 in the next 24 months. But until then, they need a strategy to optimize the use of available beds. They are looking for a solution which will help them in serving more number of patients and will also highlight the factors which result in under utilization of beds/ prevent the proper utilization of beds.

A&E Attendance Prediction

Objective: To predict the number of patients coming to Accidents and Emergency (A&E) Department of UK based healthcare client.


Our client is a UK based health care organisation known for providing high quality medical services and treatment to their patients. They want to optimise their resources as per the requirements of their patients, and in order to do that they want to forecast the number of patients coming to A&E department on a given day, which will further help them in estimating the required human resource on that day. Building such a forecasting tool will also help them in reducing the overhead cost and better allocation of resources.

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