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Market Assesment

Our market assessment services showcase components required to flourish in a new or existing market. Whether a company is preparing to assess growth opportunities in a new market or is evaluating the existing market dynamics, we hold expertise in end-to-end market assessment services. For example, the geographic expansion is one of the quick way to accelerate profitable progress as it allows companies to roll out their fruitful products or services in new markets. However, such an expansion program requires meticulous market assessment as companies need to pilot on unfamiliar terrains and consequently identify the most attractive market(s) to foray into, our global reach and contacts helps them in doing so. Even if a company is familiar with the existing market dynamics, they often need assistance to anticipate and manage varying complexities of the marketplace. For this, ADS, conduct various analyses to understand the marketplace and possible future Developedments, which are helpful in the assessment of an industry. We implement a rigorous methodology, which benefit organisations identify and priorities the key markets from a large set of markets, analyse competitive landscape and identify the key opportunities to Developed an actionable growth strategy.

Entry Strategies

Due to Globalisation, many opportunities for companies have been opened in new markets. To harness these opportunities, regardless of whether it is a large or small firm, every company needs to put in place an expansion plan. However, in the absence of strategic planning, firms would face difficulty. A company's entry into a new market commences with proper assessment of market, followed by plotting out a workable strategy for the priority market(s). However, the market entry strategy always brings challenges, thus highlighting the importance of professional consulting support to arrive at informed decisions. We aim to assist clients, regardless of the size of the enterprise, providing strategic insights to empower them to venture into new terrains with comfort. We adopt a structured approach, using both desk and primary research. We also work in collaboration with our clients as a helping hand and follow a thorough exploratory research process across the value chain. We provide end-to-end market entry strategy services; beginning from identifying the right mode of market entry to Developeding a detailed market growth plan.

Competitive Inteligence

In this dynamic business climate, firms need to put lot of effort to stay ahead of the curve require access to superior competitive intelligence (CI) services. ADS help clients to transform ordinary information into actionable intelligence with foresight through synthesis and analysis, thereby enabling efficient decision-making. To excel in the competition, it is essential for a company to understand the market positioning, sales and marketing methodology as well as product and pricing policies of its key competitors. Our CI services offer an in-depth study of the competitive landscape and its benchmarking. We dynamically track both direct and indirect competitors and Developed a threat analysis. So, the decision-maker can recognise challenges, frame a sustainable business model and minimise competitive threats. We work in a multi-disciplinary, cross-functional manner that empowers businesses to overcome competitive threats. We evaluate competitors’ current capabilities and future strategies. We adopt a structured approach for our research to organize and validate data from all the key stakeholders.

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