Data Analytics Services provider in Pune

We are Data Analytics Services provider in Pune. We provide best Data Analytics Solutions according to clients needs.. We are also expertise in Sentiment Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Data Mining & many more services.
Data Analytics Services provider in Pune

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is used to answer question for businesses. We use machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced statistics to analyse the given data (current data) to make future predictions, which helps our clients in decision-making. Our data analytics team has extensive experience in using various data science tools like Microsoft ML studio, R, KNIME, Python and many more tools for predictive modelling. Predictive models are used for Demand Forecasting (forecasts the demand of required products, materials or services ).


Extracting insights from marketing investments is thought-provoking, it includes an analysis of scale, speed-to-market and decentralization of marketing decisions to line marketing. A simple ROI analysis would report a financial failure, but would not be able to explain the reasons for the failure. We look at Marketing Effectiveness beyond Marketing ROI. We Developed comprehensive Marketing Efficiency models for our clients, which also includes insights from non-behavioural data other than the ones from current and emerging data streams. We help client’s marketing team to understand the use of their data and other available data.

Customer Management

We analyse the data related to customer life cycle and also generate customer churn prediction models which helps our clients in identifying the loopholes/short falls in their customer service policies. Using our predictive models clients modify their strategy/plans for the identified customers who can leave. Thus our predictive analysis helps our clients in customer retention.

Risk Management

Business operations faces variable degrees of transactional and periodic risks. It is essential to know the nature of risks and hence put mitigation strategies for them. Key sectors like Telecom, Financial Services, Banking and Insurance have noteworthy components of financial and compliance risks. Our team segregate the impact of individual components of risk, recognize their influence in isolation and in amalgamation with other factors. Scoring of risk at the individual and entity level assists organisations minimise losses and maximise facilitation. For risk management, we use various techniques like predictive analysis, text mining and other statistical analysis to generate credit scoring, credit card fraud detection and Loan application analysis models.

Visual Analytics

Our visual analytics solutions bring actionable information to ensure business users understand, identify, and solve problems quickly and efficiently. We strive to maximize operational efficiency and reduce data storage as well as maintenance costs. We create Data Visualization tools to present data in an efficient manner through interactive charts graphs and dashboard, These interactive tools summaries hefty business reports and also create new Business reports as per client’s requirement.

Stock Trading analysis

We provide reports with detailed technical analysis of stocks and trading portfolios.Stock analysis is a term that refers to the evaluation of a particular trading instrument, an investment sector or the market as a whole. Stock analysts attempt to determine the future activity of an instrument, sector or market.

Sentiment Analysis

We use efficient new technologies to perform sentiment analysis on various topics, which aid our clients in understanding the mood of their customers or future customers.

Resource Planning

Our team analyse the data provided by clients to help them in increasing their profits, reducing costs and wastage through proper resource planning strategy.

Text Mining

We create efficient text analysis models to draw insights from huge corpuses through NLP and text mining techniques. Our experts have experience of working on text corpuses from various geographies in diverse fields.

E-commerce Analysis

Ecommerce businesses go through constant evolution. In order to survive and thrive these business owners need to have the ability to make quick and efficient decisions .This is where Ecommerce analytics comes into play. Through our analysis we enable Ecommerce businesses to increase their sales by attracting new customers and strengthening business with their old customers.

Supply Chain Analytics

Due to its complexity and prominence of the role which supply chain plays in a company’s cost structure and profitability,there is big need of using analytics tools here to provide a competitive advantage.Data analytics proves a crucial role in moving towards a lean supply chain and JIT manufacturing.With the advent of smart cities and lot ,there is a huge pressure on supply chain to use the available real time data to go lean and fast.

Text Analytics Workflow And Data Analytics Through Microsoft Azure Ml Studio

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